Sunday, July 1, 2018

Food for though

Okay, so I was sitting on my couch with my youngest son this morning. He was playing Minecraft, and I was drinking my coffee! I was flipping through Pinterest (I swear that site is of the devil sometimes). Anyway, I was flipping through random things. I always start with one search topic and 50 animal memes, 25 recipes, and 6 random funny quotes later I am heading in a completely different direction than I originally started.

I came across this picture and it reallllllly made me stop and think . . . .

After I read this, I just sat and took stock of my life and the people I surround myself with. There are some of my relationships that I love with every fiber and cell in my body. However, there are a couple of those friendships that can sometimes put a toxicity into my life that I don't need. Even if it is done unintentionally. It eats away at us and can affect us so deeply, that we might not even realize the damage it is doing. 

People come through our lives like a revolving door. Sometimes they will just keep walking through the door and then back again, on a loop and only popping in when they need something and then right back out again.

Then people come through that door, stay for a little while, give you unwanted advice, act that they know better, or keep all conversations turned to them, not seeing what is going on with you because all they want to talk about is them. These people mean well but can't always see how they make you feel.

Then, there are people that come through that door, drop a suitcase and say, "I'm here to stay. Get used to it." These people LISTEN when you need to be listened too. They hear you. They see you and love you despite all your crazy,  in fact, they love you and all your crazy. These people don't get jealous of your successes and lift you up and celebrate with you. 

I have every one of these kinds of people in my life. Some of them are more draining and require a LOT of attention and constant work and others . . .  well, their friendship is easy and natural. Everything just seems to flow. I've made a few new friends like that over the last couple of months. The friendship and bond we've created is smooth and just feels natural and not forced. Sometimes, people just show up in our lives when we need them the most, and I think that's what happened.

Okay, now if you've made it through my rambling to this point, I thank you. I promise not all my blogs will be like this. This was just strongly on my mind today.

Bottom line. You have to do what makes YOU happy. You need to surround yourself with people that lift you up and provide positive light. Constantly having to deal with negativity is draining and can wear you down!
Do you!
Be you!
Love you!
Be happy!

If people can't accept this, then they aren't meant to be in your life. I know, it's sometimes easier said than done. But if you do and say it daily, it does become easier.

Have a wonderful day, my lovelies!