About Me

So you want to know a little about me eh?
Okay here we go. I am an author from rural Missouri. While I love to write, I am horrible at grammatical stuff! Thank goodness I've got editors!!! :)
I have a quirky personality and aside from my family, the most important thing to me is to make people laugh! I FREAKING love making people laugh! If people spent more time laughing than b!tching and moaning about the world, the world would be a better place. 
I'm going to give you a completely random list of things about me!

1. I'm a nut. Love making people laugh, no matter what it takes.
2.) I HATE HATE HATE anything that has to do with bananas. Can't stand the sight, smell, or taste of them.
3.) I can carry on several conversations at once but have a bad tendency to jump from topic to topic in the middle of a sentence and I often. . .SQUIRREL!!!
4.) I cain't shpell very well.
5.) I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I grew up. Still may happen because I've not grown up yet.
6.) I love leftovers but won't eat them re-heated. They have to be cold.
7.) I'm addicted to All things having to do with the Fast and Furious movies
8.) I don't like odd numbers. I have to round it up to the nearest increment of 5.
9.) Creaking doors freak me out.
10.) I love Fall and Winter... HATE SUMMER WITH A PASSION
11.) I say I know right way too much.
12.)Johnny Depp is my #1 Fave actor.
13.) Norman Reedus is my #1-B favorite actor.
14.) I love to sleep! If sleeping was an Olympic event I would win the gold.
15.) I can sing, make cakes, crochet, and play sports. Am also a gamer!!! :-)
16.) I am a natural born clutz.**Though I think the walls jump in front of me and the shadows grab me it's the falling up the stairs that takes real talent*
17.) Tigers are my favorite animals. (My husband and two sons come in close behind that)
18.) I am terrified of heights
19.) Oh, I'm a caffeine junkie.
20.) I'm blessed and honored to have fans and awesome support. Thank you so very much.
When I write I am taken to a completely different world. Like movies with amazing music scores, I have certain scenes I picture with certain songs. I listen to a wide range of music though; classical; rock; blues; alternative; punk. The lists of songs below are only a few of what I listened to as I wrote this series. These are the songs that I pictured in some of the intense scenes, and when I played them, I found it often helped.

If I could leave a word of wisdom for anyone it would be this. . .
  Allow yourself to dream. Some days it is those dreams that help us through the darkest moments in our lives. Dream big and dream often and don't be afraid to take chances.

Peace out lovelies!!!!